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Boutique Bangkok is an alternative travel guide to unique Bangkok experiences. It is compiled by both tourists and Bangkok locals to help visitors get off-the-beaten track and away from the force-fed tourist options peddled by mass tourism and bland tour companies. Our unique Bangkok experiences focus on new tourism and encourage interaction with locals and immersion in local culture. Our street food guide offering the perfect introduction to the buzz of Bangkok street life and gives an easy route for tracking down authentic Thai experiences and top notch Thai food. As a ’boutique’ Bangkok city guide we also bring the best of Bangkok design hotels ranging from classical boutique hideaways to slick urban suites. While we do include the popular and touristic attractions we also offer realistic reviews of what to expect and offer alternatives for independent travel. Click through our boutique city guide for Bangkok’s best Boutique Hotels, Best Restaurants, Exciting Nightlife, Serious Shopping and Unique Bangkok Experiences.

Boutique Travel in Thailand, Design Hotels, Unique Bangkok Experiences

Follow our Boutique Bangkok bloggers, their Travels in Southeast Asia and living a simple life in Bangkok, Thailand. Expect design hotels, obsessive street food posts and full reviews of their favourite unique Bangkok experiences. Also check out our new Thai culture blog from rural Thailand (Isaan).